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Trinidad Industrial Sales & Services Limited offers a wide variety of welding services and products.

Hobart Arc Welding Machines

Hobart Welding Products continues to advance the science of welding, bringing new, innovative solutions to customers around the world.

Hobart's comprehensive line of filler metals offers innovative solutions to the constantly changing demands of the global welding industry.

For more than 80 years, Hobart has dedicated itself to providing the technology, the expertise, and the commitment to quality required to keep pace with an evolving welding industry. Its new and improved product line carries on that tradition.

Hobart's extensive line of filler metals includes mild steel and low alloy stick electrodes, solid wires, tubular wires, stainless and hard-surfacing products. All are widely recognized for their outstanding quality capabilities and properties.

Complementing Hobart's broad product line is a nationwide network of handpicked distributors. Backed by the full resources of Hobart, these distributors offer a complete line of welding equipment, plus service, repair, inventory, procedure analysis, training and technical assistance.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutting

Plasma means productivity: The plasma arc cutting process is today's choice for cutting metal most efficiently.

Hypertherm has played a vital role in the metalworking industry for over 30 years. The company contributed many pioneering advances during that time and has become the industry standard for cut quality and weldability. From the beginning, Hypertherm established itself as the innovator in plasma cutting technology. In fact, Hypertherm was the first plasma cutting equipment company to earn ISO 9001 registration in the USA.

We share this plasma expertise gained over three decades through seminars and educational workshops. In this section, you will have access to information provided in these forums including the evolution of plasma's use in the metalworking industry and Hypertherm's patented LongLife and HyDefinition technologies.

Hypertherm gives you the cutting edge: Hypertherm plasma cutting systems are the most advanced in the world. They have been proven to decrease the cost of metal cutting in the full range of applications from hand held cutting and fabricating to mechanized production and computer-controlled automated manufacturing.

Hypertherm systems deliver fast cutting to promote a higher work rate and greater output. Both the manual and mechanized lines assure tolerances necessary to optimize weld quality, facilitate forming and enhance machinability. Every system has outstanding reliability to minimize downtime, and Hypertherm consumable parts are unsurpassed for longevity.

This all adds up to the most cost-effective way to cut metal today.

Harris Gas Welding Equipment

Heating Tips & Assemblies: A complete line of heating tips for all Harris torches.

Manifolds: Harris introduces a new line of manifold gas distribution systems that feature manual, semi-automatic and protocol station systems. Manifold gas distribution systems are available in brass and stainless steel.

Specialty Gas Regulators: A complete offering of specialty gas regulators including general purpose, high purity brass barstock and high purity stainless steel regulators. Features available include stainless steel diaphragms, 2" dual scale gauges (psi/bar), helium leak rates of 1x10-9 cc/sec. and a one-piece encapsulated seat design.

Welding & Brazing Tips: We offer a complete line of welding & brazing tips for all Harris torches.

Welding Mixers: A complete line of mixers for welding brazing and hating tips.

Also in stock we have Victor Gas welding & supplies. We also supply Concoa specialty gas regulators on request by our customers.

American Torch Cutting Tips

MIG: ATTC manufactures extensive line of high quality MIG parts for use in over 20 of the most popular systems. Parts such as nozzles, contact tips, conducts, liners, adapters and gas diffusers to name a few.

TIG: ATTC carries a large inventory of parts including lenses, collets, collet bodies, nozzles, handles, power cables and much more. We can supply complete torch packages and power adapters and various accessory kits.

OXY-FUEL: ATTC manucactures torch tips for all gases and the most popular torches. Over 20 brands used for cutting, welding, gouging and scarfing. ATTC also manufactures parts for torches that are no longer made.

MULTI-USE: ATTC is the Patent holder for Multi-Use Adapter System. This system can save you upto 60% in oxy-fuel replacement costs. Its as easy to use, just replace your standard tip with an suitable adapter, then put the replacement tip on the adapter and you are all set.

Items We Have Available

  • All gas & arc welding electrodes
  • Arc welding cables: No. 1, 2 1/0, 2/0, 3/0
  • Arc welding machines, gas & diesel
  • Cable lugs tig torches & hose fittings
  • Carbon arc torches & gouging pencils
  • Dry rod ovens
  • Electrode holders & ground clamps
  • Gas lighters and flints
  • Gas welding & cutting outfits
  • Goggles & glasses
  • Grinding discs all sizes
  • Industrial & construction power tools
  • Industrial tools, nuts, bolts & washers
  • Rain coats, safety & rubber boots
  • Safety head mask and caps
  • Special welding electrodes eg. cast iron
  • Twin line hoses
  • Welders & workmans gloves
  • And More!

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